About me

Sophie and Star

Assistant trainer for western horses in the South of England.
Also interested / training in Natural Horsemanship.
Proud owner of Star, 6yo American Quarter Horse x Appaloosa.

I am now also offering Western riding lessons at your yard in most parts of W. Sussex, Hampshire and Surrey.
For more information or to book your horse in training with us at our great facility, please go to my web site : https://sites.google.com/site/naturalwestern/



  1. je t’aime et je suis fier de toi.

  2. Hi Sophie I was in touch with you before christmas. I am the lady who lives in Yorkshire and hoping to move nearer my daughter. I have read your blog it sounds fantastic at your livery yard. I am hoping to visit my daughter in February so I would really love to visit you and star. I have a Welsh Mountain Pony
    who loves Parelli. Tara is right brain but in lots of things she is now left brain since doing Parelli. You seem to have worked wonders if you have only just got Star in 2009. We don’t have any Parelli instructors at hand. You are a very lucky Lady.

  3. Hi Jane, yes it would be lovely to see you. Hope you will enjoy living in the area when you move here!
    All the best,

  4. Hi, Sophie. My name is Ciara and i live in London I own 15 Horses all Quarter all except one. 2 days ago I found a mustang(wild) it is a nice as an angel

  5. Hi Ciara, sounds great! Are you in London, Canada?

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