Posted by: Sophie | March 14, 2017

An update on health

Following my last post, I wanted to update on Star’s health.

The vet came over and did some nerve blocks to see if Star was indeed in pain.

The right hock did show some signs of discomfort but the vet assured me there was nothing to worry about. She might have slight arthritis but nothing that would require treatment or worries! 🙂

As for the urine infection, blood tests were done and I asked the vet to check everything that could be checked in blood while we were at it. It turns out her health is A+! No signs of urine infection or anything else for that matter.

I am so relieved!!

The physio got me all worried but in the end, all is fine and we are still going forward with the AI woohoo!

Regarding her preparation for pregnancy, we finished the herbal detox and are now on raspberry leaves.

Raspberry leaves are known to improve fertility so it can’t hurt to feed her a small amount. As soon as she goes to the clinic for AI, the treatment will be stopped though. It is recommended to feed raspberry leaves again in the last 3 weeks of pregnancy to facilitate foaling and produce good milk so here we go, all is going well and we’re on our way….

I don’t have dates for AI yet, it is supposed to happen sometime in April so pretty soon! I am so excited and anxious at the same time, I can’t cope! 🙂


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