Posted by: Sophie | March 4, 2017

Physio Day

Yesterday, Star saw a physio for the first time.

The goal was to make sure nothing would be a problem for her upcoming pregnancy.

Here are the things that were observed :

  • Possible urinary infection (blood tests next week)
  • Possible arthritis in the right hock (x-rays next week)
  • Pain around the ears (she had a hard shock on the head when she was 5, hitting a roof and it hurt her nerves) giving her possible migraines (will apply peppermint essential oil on the area to relieve tension)
  • Slightly overweight (we’re working on that!)
  • Otherwise, she is in excellent condition and ready to have a foal!

Obviously when I heard the word arthritis I almost collapsed on the ground crying (as you do!) but I have to have X-Rays done first as it could be minor. I spent the whole evening researching things I could do to help and my choice goes to Horseware’s Ice-Vibe hock wraps. These wraps can be applied cold or hot and they vibrate to improve blood circulation. They’re not cheap but if they do the job, that’s a no brainer!

As for urinary problems, blood tests must be done first. She is currently on a herbal detox (liquorice, burdock, nettles, milk thistle and a few other herbs I forgot) so that is a good thing but when the detox is finished, I’m probably going to move her to a herbal blend helping urinary tracts and possibly clean liver etc, such as dandelion.

The physio said she was really well and I shouldn’t worry excessively, I am lucky to have a horse whose health is A+ so if a few things must be addressed, I’m happy to know about it.

I will update regularly on progress and will review the Ice-Vibe wraps should they be necessary for Star.



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