Posted by: Sophie | December 26, 2016

We are back!

So it’s been years – Yes, years! – since I last wrote on this blog and I have missed it.

I am not going to go through all the things I’ve done with Star in the last 5 years because it would take a while and i doubt it would interest anyone. In short, we moved between the UK and France several times (we do like to travel!) but are now both living in the French Alps. We are lucky to have a space in the most beautiful barn I have ever seen that focuses on Reining with A+ facilities (indoor arena, outdoor arena, solarium, etc.)

Star and I are still officially Parelli Level 1, believe it or not! We have obviously moved forward but haven’t filmed any auditions. It’s just about to change! I have missed my Parelli pathways and Star and I are about to film our Level 2 auditions (freestyle and on line) so that we can focus more on our Level 3. Exciting!

Miss Star got her Level 3 kit for Xmas (45ft line & a new halter) and I have been watching more videos on the Parelli Vault (Savvy Club) so we are on our way!

I will now try to update this blog more often.cropped-pib.jpg

Notes for today – Monday, December 26th, 2016 –

Savvy : On Line, Level : 2

Figure 8 pattern (trot) + Push a Ball pattern ++

Friendly game ++ Porcupine Game ++ Driving Game ++ Yoyo Game ++ Circling Game + Squeeze Game + Sideways (Away from me +, Towards me ++)

Tomorrow, I will focus on impulsion a bit more, Star was very LBI today and did everything calmly and willingly but I’d like a bit more exuberance from her.

And here’s a very interesting video by Linda on how to motivate a LBI horse on the ground:




  1. It sounds amazing to be living in the French alps! What a dream…

  2. Thank you! It’s a nice place to live in for sure 🙂

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