Posted by: Sophie | June 20, 2011

No no I haven’t disappeared…

Sorry I’ve kind of let my blog down lately. Not that I have nothing to say, I just got a bit “lazy” about it.

A quick update then!

My Star first. She makes me so happy. More than I could hope for. We are in such a good relationship now. We trust each other and that’s all that matters.
She rides so nicely! Every ride is pure joy for us. she really tries for me, she doesn’t get upset if I try and push her a bit more and she looks relaxed.
I am thinking of putting sliding shoes on her this month but I feel a bit bad about it as I had hoped she’d never get shoed. However, when she tries to stop and can’t slide because she doesn’t have shoes on, I feel really bad. So I’ll have to make a choice. I don’t know yet…

As for the rest, well I had Little Jo back in training for a couple of weeks and he was lovely. I started him back in January I think and then he went home. His owner didn’t ride him at all for all this time and sent him back in training with us in May. He was very nice to ride, which was quite unexpected as he hadn’t done anything for so long. Cute horse, I very much like him!

At the moment, I ride a Rocky Mountain Horse. Sweet horse, but very hard to ride as he’s gaited and very green so he is very confused on what he’s supposed to do and gets stuck in that uncomfortable gait of his. I am not a fan of gaited horses, I have to say. But we are working well together.

And I’ve started to ride a Norwegian Fjord too. Not much to say about him. He’s nice enough. Just not my cup of tea..



  1. Hello,
    For Christmas My Parents Are Buying Me My First Proper Horse.. Shes Very Quite But The Only Thing Is.. We Need Her To Be Broken In. The Previous Owners Said To Just Try Her Out, But We’re Not To Sure. Any Tips??

  2. ^And There’s Nobody Local Around, Do We Take A Chance With Things?

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