Posted by: Sophie | May 4, 2011

So I’ve got a Reining horse?

Twice. That’s the number of times I’ve ridden Star these last three weeks. I know, shame on me!
In my defense, I am busy at work, my back is a massive mess and she loves the time off. So no too much shame after all…
So today was the second time. I was not planning on riding her but something made me extremely angry at work so I decided to ride her. She is the only thing in the world that calms me down, there’s nothing else. When I am sad, angry, stressed, confused, depressed, I go and see Star and I feel instantly better. she has a power šŸ™‚

So I took her in the outdoor arena and wasn’t expecting anything in particular as she’s not done much lately but she gave me much more I would have wanted from her. Fast loping large circles with transitions to slow small circles. Yes she did!
And then she gave me a sliding stop. Well she doesn’t have sliding shoes on so that is something. Like 20cm! What a good girl!
And then she did some really nice spins on both sides.
Reining horse she is, I’m telling you!
So proud of her. After that, I wasn’t angry anymore, I was smiling and laughing. Well I am still mad at what happened but Star showed me there is no need to fight the lazy, the ignorant, the unfair, the stupid.
She is my little bundle of joy. I am blessed to have her in my life šŸ™‚


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