Posted by: Sophie | May 3, 2011

Tired tired and more tired

We have many horses in training at the moment and work never stops, so I am quite exhausted I have to say. Which is why I don’t update my blog much, among other things.

So to do a quick summary…

Tink (the little mare I’ve started) turned into Miss Satan and became very difficult to lope (walk and jog are very good though), she throws her head in the air and then tries to squash me onto the wall at high speed. So much fun… And when I tell her off, she rears up. Interesting… she is off work for a few days though as she caught a bad cough and she can’t really be ridden in that state. So we’ll see how it goes when I get back on her.

I am still riding Wizard (a 3yo gelding who’s been a real challenge as he won’t make any effort and locks up all the time when Michael asks him to lope) and I am loving it, believe it or not! He trusts me and gives me a lot. He never locks up with me and he lopes nicely for me.
Unfortunately, as he will never make an amazing Reining horse, he’s probably going to be taken away from our yard soon and probably sold.
It makes me sad. But I suppose that is what that job is all about. You can’t really get attached to any of the horses because they all end up leaving.
I am going to keep enjoying Wizard’s company while I can. I like him, he’s a good boy.

Star is fine. She’s had lots of time off recently as I am so busy with the yard jobs and the other horses to ride that I barely have any time for her 😦 She spends a lot of time in the field playing, rolling and being mischievous, all of her favourite things! She enjoys her time off so it’s all that matters. I will probably get back to riding her daily when I get back from France at the end of May (Yeah, I am going to France for a week at the end of May. Can’t wait!!)

Well that’s about it for now.


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