Posted by: Sophie | April 22, 2011

An update

So yes we DID compete after all!
Star was great, she behaved very well in the crowd of other horses. Unfortunately, she got a bit shy in the show pen with all these eyes on her and panicked a little bit. We went through the whole Trail course but I had to stop a few times just to reassure her and tell her everything was fine.
I am proud of her overall, she did great and I couldn’t have asked for more. She tried and it’s all that matters for now.
Here’s a photo of the day.

Now for the rest.
Well, Tink (the little QH mare I am starting) is doing pretty well. Her owner is coming to see me ride her tomorrow for the first time since she’s arrived here so I hope she’ll be happy with what’s been done.
She can be a little feisty so let’s hope she behaves tomorrow…

I have also taken on another horse, a 3yo QH, that is not doing very well. He’s been in training with us for several months but doesn’t seem to be progressing at all, and even worse, he seems to be going backwards. He can hardly be ridden normally, he stops and doesn’t want to go, he looks confused all the time and prefers to stick himself on the wall or in a corner or rear up than moving forward… Not the easiest case to deal with but I said I wanted to look after him.
So today I took him in the round pen and played the 7 games with him. He looked surprised and he licked and chewed a lot.
Then I got on him (just with the halter and lead rope, no bridle on or spurs or any of that) and we walked around the round pen, occasionally stopping at a cone to touch it with the nose. Then I asked him to jog and he wasn’t sure at first so I kept asking and increased pressure by slapping my shoulders with the rope and off he went.
We jogged both ways and he didn’t lock up at all.
I’ll try more of that tomorrow and see if he is happier. Who knows…?
I gotta say I am ready to try many things because I just can’t give up on him.
I may try and ride her outside tomorrow. It’s never been done before as he is so unreliable and our outdoor arena is massive and has no fences. But hey maybe that’s what he needs. Maybe he needs space and a reason to move forward… We’ll see.


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