Posted by: Sophie | April 15, 2011

To compete or not to compete

When I bought Star almost two years ago now (Wow! time flies!) I said I didn’t want to compete. I just wanted to have fun with my horse and not get back into my old competitive days where the horse didn’t seem to matter so much.
I am naturally a competitive person and I know it. I don’t want to push Star into doing what she doesn’t want to do either.
When I started working for Michael, I wanted to do Reining with Star and it is a very hard discipline so I pushed Star more and more everyday and we ended up fighting. But she was trying to say something to me. She was not happy.
So I came to the conclusion that Reining wasn’t for her and I relaxed a little bit more and now she gives me so much more! I heard her and she thanked me for listening.

Tomorrow there is a competition at the yard where I work. It is only a practice show, which means points are not involved, it’s just a fun show before season kicks in.
Working here, I am expected to show my horse obviously. So I wasn’t sure what to do…Compete (just for the fun of it) or not compete?

To answer that question, I took Star into the indoor arena today and looked at the pattern for the Western Trail competition. I said to Star “We’re going to do this pattern and if you are happy and relaxed, we will show tomorrow. If you are not happy or stressed, I will leave you alone”
And she did great! So I guess tomorrow is our first show! I have not changed my mind, Star took the decision herself. Let’s see how it goes…


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